How to Force Close Unresponsive Apps on iPhone X: NO Home Button

Closing an app on iPhone X, works the same as the other devices. However, Apple recommends closing apps only if they are frozen. For example, the iOS 11 automatically controls whether certain applications need to be closed and how much memory and processor time they may use. Therefore, force closing apps on iPhone X must… Read More »

My iPhone Stuck In Headphones Mode! This Steps May Do the Trick

Your iPhone makes no sound even though, when you press the volume buttons, you see the word ‘headphones‘ above the volume slider. You’re absolutely convinced that there are no headphones plugged into your iPhone and tried everything you can? Including restarting or plugging the headphones in and out again and again, but still not working.… Read More »

How to Use Cydia Impactor on a Mac

In this tutorial we will be learning how to use Cydia Impactor on a Mac and what Cydia Impactor is, but the app is available for Windows as well and the steps are pretty similar. At the end of this tutorial I’ll teach you a Windows 10 tweak for it to work so you should… Read More »