Easy Methods to Jailbreak any iPad for Free

So you've decided to take the plunge and you're ready to jailbreak your iPad? Great, but don't forget that your tablet will be an outlaw to the Apple community after you've jailbroken your device. No longer will you be able to go to the Apple Store with your device to troubleshoot any problems; like a broken screen, dead battery, water damage etc. because they will know immediately that you've jailbroken your iPad. So then let's get started! You have no hesitation in jailbreaking your iPad because you're so tired of the many, many restrictions placed on Apple products, you're just asking for a bit of freedom, so then let's go.

So, What is Jailbreaking?

When you buy an iPad you accept that Apple will be the dictator of its fate. Apple will determine which apps you can install on your iPad and which hardware functions you can use to their full potential. Do you want to install an app that hasn't been approved by Apple? So sorry! Do you want to use an over 3G app that's been specifically designated for WiFi? The answer is 'No'. Do you want to run applications in the background? Tether your phone? Install system-wide gestures? Change your device theme? Anything at all that hasn't been condoned and approved by Apple? Well, that's too bad.

You'll be free from these bonds by jailbreaking. It's true that the watchful eye of Apple does keep you protected from badly coded apps that have the ability to crash your tablet, and other silly things like that. However, when you jailbreak your device, which incidentally is totally legal, you have access to an exciting new range of possibilities. Sure, it's a little rougher out there in the wild, compared to the safety of Apple company town, but provided you're not a fool, jailbreaking is safe, easy, and an exciting adventure. read more

6 Reasons to Jailbreak Your Apple TV Today

For the average home the Apple TV could well be the perfect media center. Tiny and powerful, but when it comes to streaming video unfortunately it's almost useless. Yes, you can hook into a computer running iTunes and play your favorite movie, and purchase TV shows and movies, but it's useless if you're wanting to play something that wasn't bought via iTunes. If you decided to rent an HD movie from Apple for tonight's viewing, it's more than likely going to take three to four hours to download, so let's hope you allowed for this.

Reasons to Jailbreak Apple TV

But, all is not lost. You can alter this little wonder and turn it into a video powerhouse, with just a small surgical procedure.

What is the Procedure?

You've more than likely heard of jailbreaking an iPhone. If not, then briefly it's the process of getting root access to your Apple device in order to take control and have freedom over its operating system and firmware. But what you may not know is that you can jailbreak any iOS device. This goes for iPods, iPad, and the Apple TV.

The Apple television is basically a small Unix computer with a very powerful graphics processor, and it's capable of doing a lot of stuff. Without conversion, it's capable of decoding and streaming a range of video formats, such as the well-known mkv. XBMC compatibility, probably the ideal media software for HTPCs. 3rd party applications are an option. At $99 it's really cheap, and much better than other HTPCs at three times the cost; that is, once you've jailbroken it of course. Today it's easier than ever before. read more

iOS 7.1 Jailbreak; Looks Like the Game Begins

With the latest iOS 7.1 you may have a bit of a problem if you love having access to third-party apps, modifications and tweaks on your iPhone, but at the same time enjoy owning the latest version of iOS. If you make the decision to jailbreak your iPhone you're probably going to have to keep your Apple device on an earlier version of iOS for much longer than you would have hoped. The updating of iOS will often cancel the jailbreak and, even worse, it will fix the exploits which made the jailbreaks possible.

This game between Apple-mad hackers and Apple itself is not really news; what is news though is that a new jailbreak is available for iOS 7.1, an update that destroyed hackers previous, evasiOn7 free jailbreak tool. read more

Simplified Guide To Google Analytics Goals and Set Up

I'm always surprised when I discover just how many businesses don't have goals configured in Google Analytics. You may be measuring your e-commerce business in analytics, but there are still a lot of other options available to measure engagement, as well as other conversion points, that have no relation to generating revenue. Due to the fact that this is a very common step omitted from the Google Analytics account information, I felt it important to offer some advice on just how beneficial goals can be in Google Analytics; how important it is to set them up, and the different types of goals that can be set up.

When considering goal configuration in Google Analytics, this action would typically be introduced in the early stages of your analytic strategy. Your goals should reflect those determined KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) which would be outlined in the strategy. They may also track successful site visits determined by the time spent on the site or the consumption of content, or they could represent engaged visits based on predetermined attributes. Goals are extremely useful for sites that are strongly focused on persuading the visitor to purchase a service or product, and for those sites without strong CTA's (calls to action). With these goals you'll now have the information you need to track how your visitors are “converting” and what precisely is driving these conversions. read more

Tracking Your Twitter Tweets with Google Analytics

If you want to share information about your web content and engage online communities, Twitter is the tool you're looking for. Twitter is a powerful tool, and it's important that you know just how effective it is in drawing traffic to your website.

tracking twitter in google analytics

A report can be generated by Google Analytics, and this report focuses on your Twitter traffic. This report from Google is very interesting, because it separates Twitter signal from the other referral sources to your website. There's a lot of information available, such as average time spent on a page, number of page views, bounce rate (percent of people who stay on a page), and other information. By carefully analyzing this information you quickly learn Twitter tweets are working for you, and where improvements should be made.

You can track Twitter traffic on any page of your website; it's not limited to just one specific page.

In order to receive this report you must implement an advanced segment on your Twitter-related sources for example (bit.ly or t.co). It only takes three simple steps.

In this short guide I will be showing you how to create a Google Analytics report which concentrates on Twitter tweets. This report will divide Twitter from the other referrals to your website. You're probably wondering why you wouldn't just click on t.co in your referral report? If you create a separate report, then not only can you track Twitter-related references, for example "hootsuite", but you can use this segment for any report - i.e. you're also able to see how many new vs. returning visitors came through Twitter. read more