Jailbreak any iPhone Free and Completely Reversible

Many iPhone users are choosing to jailbreak their iPhones, whether it be the iPhone 4, 5, or even the latest iPhone versions 6 and 6 Plus, but why do they do it? Basically, you can do so much more with a jailbroken iPhone, like customizing ringtones, changing the look of your terminal, and adding third-party titles not approved of or available in the Apple iStore.

Another great advantage of jailbreaking is that you can unlock your iPhone and change to a different carrier. Once you've accomplished the jailbreak, you're free and independent. Yes, jailbreaking may void your contract so you won't be able to depend on Apple, AT&T or Verizon to cover any problems you may experience.

What is iPhone Jailbeak?

Before we provide you with the details on how to jailbreak your iPhone, we have to determine if it's possible to do so, and ensure that you understand exactly why you would want to jailbreak your iPhone. More info on Jailbreak News.

In essence, jailbreaking your phone removes the restrictions placed on it by Apple, enabling you to customize the performance and appearance of your phone; and via the Cydia marketplace you'll have access to an exciting new world of gaming and apps. Apple has always tried to keep a tight rein on its devices and they've gone to extreme lengths to ensure that their software and hardware works precisely to those high standards. Many users are unhappy about the control Apple has over the iPhones and other devices, particularly when you compare them to the flexible and open Android operating system.

With jailbreaking it opens up a whole new world of power and performance with your phone, in addition to discovering the device's full potential. Don't forget that all the barriers and locks placed on your phone are of the software variety, so once you've cracked the code with jailbreaking you'll be free to do whatever you want with your new iPhone.

You'll be free to install any applications you choose, regardless of whether they're approved by Apple or not; you'll be able to use Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G or 4G without any problems at all; you can tether your phone without having to buy other applications, plus so much more.

How Does the Jailbreak Process Work?

There are a few different ways of jailbreaking an iPhone. Some methods simply require the press of a button, while others have a long list of commands that must be followed in order. Plus, jailbreaking an iOS device is different from one device to another, and from one iOS version to another. As an example, if you're running iOS 7 on your iPhone then you'll jailbreak your phone in a different manner to someone who is running iOS 8.1.

There is, though, one universally consistent pattern in the jailbreaking process. Below we've listed the steps one needs to take to jailbreak their iOS device, regardless of the device, the iOS version it's running, or the software they're using to complete the jailbreak:

  • Check to see what iOS version your iPhone is running;
  • Disable the screen-lock on your phone to stop the phone locking itself during the jailbreaking process;
  • Next you need to download the jailbreak program for your particular iOS version;
  • Run the program you've downloaded;
  • Restart your terminal;

Say Hello to Cydia App Store

Now that your iPhone has been jailbroken and the Apple limitations have been removed, the root access allows for customization options through applications outside the Apple Store. Cydia is the alternative to the Apple Store for iPhones that have been jailbroken. Through Cydia you'll have access to more than 400,000 apps, meaning that you'll be able to change everything from your device's theme, to the multi-touch and multitasking gestures of the iOS operating system. When you use free jailbreaking tools like RedsnOw, EvasiOn or PanGu, Cydia is automatically installed: this means that iPhone users have access to Cydia's apps whilst still having access to everything in the Apple App Store. With Cydia you have the ability to modify apps which exist in the iOS system, plus you can install open source packages.