World War Z: The Undead Sea First big Update for Free

By | June 4, 2019

With two million copies sold, World War Z is what is called an unexpected gaming success. Developing a sort of Left 4 Dead version TPS, Saber Interactive surprised a lot of people in the industry, starting with its publisher Focus Home Interactive who probably did not expect so much.

Still, the gaming studio has just revealed the content of the first update, responding to the name “The Undead Sea“, which will be free and promise a lot of new cool things.

The Undead Sea – New enemy and private lobbies

In World War Z – The Undead Sea, the players will be able to board a zombie-infested ferry during a brand new mission in Tokyo, which will offer a narrower level-design and therefore more intense game phases. The developers take the opportunity to announce the arrival of a new type of zombie, who will spit a deadly toxin and come back to life if we do not kill it the right way.

This update will bring a lot of bug fixes and balancing, but will also include private lobbies, the ability to change class during PvPvZ games. And big improvements of the field of vision options with a more precise cursor on PC.

Finally, Saber Interactive tells us that the next updates will include an extreme difficulty mode “Six Skulls“, a weekly challenge, a survival mode revolving around waves of zombies and much more.

Here is the trailer that reveals all these beefy additions.

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