Apple Watch Jailbreak Possible! [DEFCON. LA]

By | July 28, 2017

A security researcher demonstrated, at the DEFCON security conference in Las Vegas, how to jailbreak an Apple Watch. Despite the difficulties encountered by the hackers to find good exploitable iOS vulnerabilities, Max Bazaliy succeeded to jailbreak the Apple Watch.

Bazaliy is a security researcher at Lookout and is also the co-founder of “Team Fried Apple“. Which during a presentation at the DEFCON, demonstrated with detailed information the entire jailbreak process for the Apple Watch, guaranteeing access to SMS, calls, photos, e-mails, GPS, microphone, Apple Pay and also health application data.

This is not a tutorial, but Max explains how to do this with an SSH certificate. On the other hand, it does not tell us if a jailbreak tool will one day be made public, or if it is only for research and safety research questions. It is not excluded that this vulnerability is shared with Apple so that it corrects the bugs for Apple Watch in an upcoming update …

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