eCommerce Filters: Conversion Friend or Foe?

We all know that the key to conversion is helping your visitors easily find what they’re looking for, and moving them through an unhindered checkout. One way to accomplish the first half of this task is by applying filters on your e-commerce site that visitors can use to narrow in on results. But, how do you… Read More »

Questions to Ask When Assessing Web Analytics

At some point in the career of a web analyst, you will be asked to investigate, assess, and possibly judge the current state of how a company “does” web analytics. What are some of the areas you should ask about? Here are some thoughts and a few questions to ask to help inform your analysis… Read More »

Guiding Principles for New Web Analytics Management

If you’re new to web analytics, or the management of web analytics, it’s always helpful to get advice from someone whose been in the industry. Here are a couple of simple principles I’ve found helpful: Investigate and be skeptical of claims by vendors. Upgrading a tool? Migrating to a new tool? Completely replacing one? Adding… Read More »