How to Jailbreak iPhone 5 – Cydia Ready

If you have fallen in love with Apple’s top-tier smart phone like so many millions of other people, you’ve probably come to realize that even the very best available on the market today has a number of specific flaws and drawbacks.

Even though these laws and drawbacks are relatively minor (unless you’re really looking to unlock all of the power and potential that the iPhone 5 brings to the table), there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are looking to eliminate even the slightest downside to this legendary piece of hardware.

Free jailbreaking iPhone 5 allows you to get into all of these “special features”, performance upgrades, and a whole host of other incredible benefits – but you’re definitely going to be violating the terms of agreement that you signed up for when you purchased the phone from Apple. Jailbreaking isn’t as simple and straightforward as most people would have you believe (though it’s become relatively simplified and streamlined over the last few years), and there are definitely some small risks associated, what you can do post-jailbreak is limited.

However, if you are determined to make sure that you’re going to get every last drop of performance and capability out of your new iPhone 5 the only way – the ONLY way – you’re going to be able to do so is by jailbreaking this piece of technology.

You can now easily unlock your iPhone 5 in just 5 minutes without any knowledge and having a great support team for helping you out!

What exactly is iPhone 5 jailbreak anyways?

Apple has always stood by its mantra of designing hardware to specifically run its approved software – and literally nothing else. Trying to control the entire system as much as humanly possible, Apple has become notorious for locking things down behind a “walled garden”.

This basically means that third-party applications that don’t mean Apple’s stringent requirements (and a number of specific capabilities that your iPhone 5 could handle) are even eliminated entirely because of the relatively locked down the system that Apple provides.

A jailbreak is the only way to get around that system. Basically a software “hack” at that subverts the specific lockdown technology that Apple installs in each and every one of their devices, a jailbreak allows you to use your iPhone 5 much like an Android device – literally having infinite capabilities and potential to do just about anything you want with your phone.

Depending upon the specific phone you’re talking about (iPhone version, that is), a jailbreak process can be accomplished by cooking your phone into your computer and running a software solution while tethered or if you have a newer device just installing a third-party application or going to a specific website that takes care of the “heavy lifting”.

Why jailbreak my iPhone 5 in the first place?

There are literally infinite reasons that you’d want to take advantage of an iPhone 5 jailbreak in the first place, but we are going to cover some of the more popular ones below. Understand that jailbreaking gives you a decided edge and advantage when it comes to getting every last drop of performance and capability out of your iPhone 5 – unlocking features, benefits, and capabilities that you simply would not have had otherwise.

Unlock performance upgrades

The first thing that you’re going to notice when you’ve decided to jailbreak your phone is just how much customization you have control over when it comes to squeezing every last drop of performance out of your iPhone 5.

Not only are you going to have ready access to all of the regular performance capabilities that the phone provides, but you’re also going to have nearly instant access to Wi-Fi settings, network settings, the ability to turn your cell phone into a wireless hotspot without buying any applications, and the ability to “create” your own gestures for just about anything.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The benefits are obvious. A jailbroken iPhone 5 is able to provide much more functionality than the standard one. Here are some of the jailbreak benefits:

  • The ability to unlock the network;
  • The possibility of modifying the system files;
  • The ability to install applications rejected by Apple and other applications developed by third-party companies via Cydia;
  • Able to install any software for free;
  • Possible customization for a device that have installed previous versions of iOS;
  • Bluetooth transfer between iPhone 5 and other devices (iPhone, iPod, PC, … any device that has Bluetooth)

Disadvantages are little. The jailbreak process is completely reversible by a simple restore in iTunes. The only real disadvantage can occur when you jailbreak iPhone 5, the process crashes and sometimes you are forced to resume it or do a restore.

  • The possibility of losing the warranty. However, by a simple restore process in iTunes, bring the iPhone 5 to its original shape;
  • Impairing the functionality, for many applications installed on Cydia. Applies when you abuse the installing software;

Install any – ANY – third-party application you want to use

Though the App Store has literally hundreds of thousands of different applications available directly through the iPhone 5 service, the truth of the matter is that there are literally millions of apps, games, and tools that are out there that simply never meet the “Apple cut”.

For whatever reason (almost always a reason kept completely and totally secret from all involved) Apple decides that some applications will not make it into the App Store – never allowing you to use them on your devices.

However, the moment that you jailbreak your device, you’re going to be able to quickly and instantly slide all of those applications onto your device – using them as often as you want.

Quickly (and easily) manage all of your files – on your device or on your PC

Another big benefit to using the jailbreak system with an iPhone 5 is that you’ll be able to more easily manage all of your files (those on your iPhone for those on other devices) with just a few taps of the touchscreen.

This is a complete and total game changer in every sense of the word – literally allowing you to turn your world class iPhone into an even better lifestyle device. Not only will you be able to quickly and easily move music and other media from your devices to your iPhone (without ever having to plug in a USB cord again), but you’ll also be able to control a Mac or PC from your iPhone 5 screen – regardless of where you find yourself around the world.

This makes the iPhone 5 and even more valuable smart phone device – and it’s all thanks to a quick jailbreak.

How do I move forward with a jailbreak?

This really is the million-dollar question, and one that you’re going to want to spend a bit of time researching. While we can recommend that there are a number of jailbreaks out there that do much of the “heavy lifting” of the jailbreak, all of them will need to be installed on your iPhone 5. Before you install any jailbreak solution to your device, make sure that you’re using a jailbreak that has been specifically designed and configured for that device (some jailbreaks will work on some versions of the iPhone, but not others) and that you’re willing to take the risk of “bricking” that device.

All in all, this is a relatively simple and straightforward process – and one that will give you an amazing amount of benefits if you’re willing to take a super minor risk. You should also know that jailbreaks (at least most of them) are 100% reversible – so long as nothing goes bottom-up during the initial jailbreaking process.


Here’s How to Jailbreak iPhone 5 / C/ S Running iOS 7.0 - 7.0.6

Recently Evad3rs team released a new version of the jailbreak utility evasi0n7, the first untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 7 published to users for free. Software available for both Windows operating systems and OS X allows us to make untethered jailbreak to any iPhone 5, C, S running iOS 7.0 / 7.0.1 / 7.0.2 / 7.0.3 / 7.0.4 / 7.0.5 / 7.0.6 including beta versions of iOS 7.

Unfortunately evasi0n7 does NOT hacktivate iPhones 5, C, S, so you cannot activate any locked iPhone 5

Before you start the jailbreak procedure make sure you do a backup of your iPhone 5 with iTunes and follow the advice that we present below from Evad3rs team:

  • Backup your device using iTunes (or iCloud) before using evasi0n. If something breaks, you’ll always be able to recover your data.
  • Please disable the lock passcode of your iOS device before using evasi0n. It can cause issues.
  • Avoid all iOS and iTunes related tasks until evasi0n is complete. Why not just enjoy a brief break from the computer to stretch your legs?
  • If the process gets stuck somewhere, it’s safe to restart the program, reboot the device (if necessary by holding down Power and Home until it shuts down), and rerun the process.
  • If you get an error on OS X 10.8 saying that evasi0n can’t be opened, control-click (or right-click) the app and on the revealed context menu, choose ‘Open.’ On the ensuing dialogue box, choose ‘Open’ as well.

Download the latest Evasi0n version:

 How to Jailbreak iPhone 5/ C/ S Running iOS 7.0.6 / 7.0.5 / 7.0.4 / 7.0.3 / 7.0.2 / 7.0.1

Connect your iPhone 5 to the computer and close iTunes.

evasi0n7 untethered jailbreak iOS 7

Open the program / ​​application evasi0n7 and click Jailbreak.




Wait until evasi0n7 make changes, could take up to 5 minutes, and unlock it after reboot if you have set a security code.

Access the evasi0n application present in Springboard and wait.


If the jailbreak procedure will leave the iPhone 5 in a boot loop, then press both buttons Home + Lock simultaneously until the iPhone's screen closes, then release the Lock button but hold the Home button until the computer will recognize the terminal.

At this point, open iTunes and perform a restore.

Click Here to Jailbreak iPhone 5 wiyh Old iOS