Introducing Google Analytics v4

Google introduced a new version of Google Analytics today, filled with new features to make analysts and marketers drool.

Included in this new release is:

  • New and Improved Goals (20 goals per profile and new ‘threshold’ goals based on pageviews and time on site)
  • New mobile tracking
  • Table Filtering (a way to quickly filter data in a report)
  • Unique Visitor Segmentation (Unique Visitors is now a metric and can be added to custom reports)
  • Multiple custom variables (an evolution of Custom Segmentation, wicked awesome!)
  • Analytics Intelligence (automatic data analysis. And yes, it is as cool as it sounds!)
  • Analytics Alerts (customizable alerts based on your data rules)

NOTE: Links above are to individual posts.

There are also a couple previously announced features that have FINALLY made it into the product, including:

  • Sharing custom reports and advanced custom segments
  • Pivoting data and segmenting with a secondary dimensions

I must say, this release is very cool. Google has listened to users and included some of the most requested features. 20 goals, automatic alerts, more custom variables… We’ve been hearing/making these requests for years!

One thing I think people will ignore is that many of these features represents dramatic improvements in the GA system. While these features have a definite ‘wow’ factor they provide a solid foundation for future enhancements.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that I usually blast out as many posts as possible to explain the new features. Today is no different.

Because there are some many people blogging about GA, I’m going to be a bit selective and cover the topics that I don’t think will get much attention or that I just really like :)

So click away! Let’s all explore these cool new features together!